Where can I find the Moderated Memberships request?

People can send a request to join memberships if you have made any membership plan moderated. This allows you to screen the person before allowing them to pay. 

The data of these people is stored in the Member's request section. You can export these records, filter them, customise the number of entries, sort them or search for a particular person/request.                                  
You can take these actions : 

  • Confirm- Payment Received : Approve the member and confirm that payment has been received. If you click on this, the member will get an email confirmation of its membership and also get added to the Active Members list.
  • Approve- Ask Payment  : Approve that the member is good to join. This action will send an email to the member with payment link to make payment for the membership. If the membership is free the person will immediately become member.
  • Delete Member : Delete the membership request. This action means that you have screened the person and you have found them to be not the right fit for membership. No email will be sent.