How to edit Member's details?

You can edit/ update the member's details. To do so, search the member in Active or Expired membership list or do a top level search, click on the "Action" icon next to the particular member.

The default tab is the Member Details. This shows the details of the member. On this tab, there is a Manage button on the right side corner which has got couple of call to actions such as View Member’s Profile, Edit Details and Membership Card.

1. View Member Profile:- In order to see the Profile of the member, this call to action has to be executed.

2. Edit Detail:- In order to update the Member’s detail “Edit Detail” call to action can be used.
3. Membership Card:- A Membership card can be generated for each of the Member . This card would be a PDF file that would contain the Name, Photograph of the Member, Membership validity.