70% of the organizers want their events to grow in the next 12 months.

And what makes this possible...It’s the company that is giving them the platform to shape their events the way they want. The next question probably arises is how do you choose a company that suits your choices.

So what you do is compare the company services in the similar way how you shop online. Now you would ask, do we really need an event management software service company. Yes! You need to. Not every event management software has the same service. So we have done a comparison between Explara and Gevme. Check out what’s makes Explara stack up against Gevme.

Event Ticketing/ Registration

Group & Membership Management

Attendees Management

Entry Scanning & Check-in Application

Badge Design Maker

Point of Sale Application

Marketing Tools & Email Campaign

Mobile App Builder

Invoicing Application


Stay & Travel Booking

Survey Builder

Transparent Standard Pricing: $0.99

Multiple Ticket Types

25 currencies supported

No charge on BYOPG (Bring your own payment gateway)

No Minimum commitment

Gevme's Standard Pricing

Not disclosed. You need to request a quote.

Heading on to most important section- Pricing

Have you burnt your pocket already and not in a state to repeat the same? Then check this out.

Time to focus on ROI

Explara offers all-in-one platform for you to manage pre-event, event-day and post-event services for your event. This reduces cost, increases automation and productivity with a lean team, therefore offering you best ROI from your events.

Engage your audiences at various levels of the event i.e. collect early feedback/survey input to design your event agenda or speakers and overall input for better experience, or collect real-time feedback during the event day to ensure participants are happy with the ongoing experiences, and you can run custom survey to collect overall feedback at the end of the event. You can offer such deep engagement and deliver richly personalized experiences is what Explara focuses on.

Our Major Highlights

  • Your attendees/ members are your audiences. Give them a personalized, branded experience to remember.
  • Host free/ paid event, or member-only community event, membership registration, event payment, survey, marketing, email campaign, contact management, mobile app and branded event website and more.
  • We serve major PCOs, associations and professionals for integrated event & membership worldwide.
  • Explara is the only event solution platform that integrates with over 700 business tools, offers extensive APIs, this helps your operation to stay efficient and interoperable.
  • 70% of our customers have been using platform for last 7 years. They trust us because of our track record of safeguarding their data. Our customers own their data. We don't cross promote or contact your attendees.
  • Enjoy limitless customization. We don’t stop you to create unlimited ticket/reg types, don’t force you to upgrade to the number of admin accounts or custom form fields.
  • Dedicated backend team at your support.

See for yourself! Explara is 100% free to get started.