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All-in-one applications to manage the entire operation and reduce app integration nightmare.


Eliminates repeat activities with automation or predefined workflows to make the team operate smartly.


Offers advanced customizable modules which enable business flexibility and ability to scale.


To own their data, their audience, branding, and make more revenue from customer insights.

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Event Ticketing Registration Software

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Event Management Cloud

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Membership Management Cloud

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Your Audience, Your Brand

Your attendees/ members are your audience. Give them a personalized, branded experience (custom domain name) that helps them remember every amazing experience and the ones who created it for them. Remember, an attendee’s event experience begins well before the event and ends well after. Get it right every time with Explara

Your branded attendee experience to register, engage and activate memberships or join your brand’s community/ groups can be set up almost instantly. Build a Website using our themes or integrate branded Event/ Membership site with your own domain.

Everything in one place

Explara is World’s only integrated event technology platform offering everything you need to make your events/ memberships/ meetings management successful.

No matter which stage of the event timeline you are at, we have a solution. Be it the Planning, or Pre-Event stage, the Managing or Event Day stage; Post-Event stage (because a successful event never ends, it grows).


  • Online Ticketing & Registration
  • Payment Processing
  • Contact Database
  • Email Campaign
  • Event Merchandise
  • Stay & Travel
  • Paper Submission
  • Marketing & Promotion


  • Point of Sales
  • Entry Management
  • Badge Printing
  • Branded Event Mobile App for Engagement


  • Groups
  • Membership Management
  • Reports & Analytics

Reduce Expenses, Grow Revenue

  • You + 10 different tools is costlier vs. You + Explara Platform
  • Explara offers an integrated platform that
  • reduces repeat activities
  • reduces TCO (total cost of ownership on several platforms/ tools)
  • increases automation
  • increases engagements
  • increases your productivity
  • and increased revenue possibilities.

Explara Integrates with Over 700 Business Tools

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