About Us

Explorers have changed the world. Entrepreneurs are the explorers of the 21st century.

We started the company to explore opportunities, we failed in a few experiments, and we encountered a problem: creative entrepreneurs and businesses are struggling to bring their audience and monetize their events. We offered a solution to solve, and we became the first few in the world to provide a DIY (Do It Yourself) platform for event ticketing & event management.

We were lucky to be earliest, and our perseverance, customer success obsession, and product iteration philosophies helped us to serve 100,000s of creative entrepreneurs and SMB business professionals to use Explara to monetize their audiences and grow business revenue.

We further expanded to help entrepreneurs many ways to monetize their passion and skill with our newer set of products.

Our mission is to empower millions of people to turn their passion into a business, take it to the customers across the globe, make a positive impact in the society and to the world!

Explara offers the following products:

Explara Event Ticketing Registration Software

Event Ticketing &

ExplaraBiz Online Selling & Fundraising Software

Online Selling &
Payment Solution

Explara Event Management Cloud


Explara Event Management Cloud

Event Management

Our Journey

Explara in 2008


Moonlighting from London to start a Software Product Company The company started operation

Explara in 2009


Launched Software for Event Ticketing/Registration


Launched Software for Event Ticketing/Registration

Explara in 2010
Explara in 2011


Launched offline /at-the-venue event registration and payment processing


We hit our mega growth of 600%

Explara in 2012
Explara in 2013


Got Angel Funded by Rajan Anandan (ex-MD of Google India & South East Asia), Harvard Business School Alumni, Blume Ventures)


Reached milestone of serving 2500 Customers Rebranded for global outreach Expanded globally.

Explara in 2014
Explara in 2015


Reached milestone of 50,000+ users Expanded to serve multiple segments in event.


Reached milestone of serving 2 million + users. Signed up large scale million $ customers to serve their global event & membership need.

Explara 2016
Explara in 2017


Launched new software products for an all-in-one Event Management Software, and Membership Software


Expanded business operation to Singapore

Explara in 2018
Explara in 2019


Launched new products for Business & Commerce Software


Explara Founder & CEO, Santosh Panda

Santosh Panda

Co-Founder and CEO

Product engineer, Ex-Ebay, Ex-BBC Engineer & Several startups

Explara Co-Founder Ashok Kumar

Ashok Kumar

Co-Founder and VP Ops

Product Engineer, ex-MindTree, SGT Engineer

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