Is your event much more than just ticketing? You need Explara not Peatix

Explara helps you manage your events & memberships with a suite of a dozen products built to meet your specific needs across pre-event, event day and post event timelines. We're focused on advancing the ways that help event organizers around the world deliver exceptionally crafted experiences. And it’s 100% free to create your account today.

Event Ticketing/ Registration

Group & Membership Management

Entry Scanning & Check-in Application

Badge Design Maker

Point of Sale Application

Marketing Tools

Submix Paper Submission

Emaxio Mobile App Builder

Invoicing Application


Stay & Travel Booking

Survey Builder


per registration

(One Standard Pricing)

4.9% + 1.50 USD

per ticket

(Different for each country they support)

Are you looking for affordable All-in-One event management, totally in your control?

Make your event management smarter and inexpensive at the same time. Get more done in less. Explara allows you to go beyond ticketing to do event & data management with plathora of powerful features for lesser cost than the cost of just ticketing.

Do they help you collect & visualize insights directly from your audience?

Explara's state of the art solutions help you understand deeper customer needs and to efficiently collect user information to deliver richly personalized experiences.

Unified DIY Platform for Events & Memberships management

Event Ticketing & Groups Platform

Ticketing & Registration

Unlimited Ticket Type

Invitation Only Ticketing

RSVP Registration

Multi-Date Registration

Multi-Session Registration

Check-in & Point-of-Sale mobile app

Check-in & Point-of-Sale Web app

Ticket Sales Widget on your site

Customizable checkout forms

Payouts before your event

Listing on Explara site and partner sites

Online Help Center

Email Support

Do they help you focus on increasing ROI?

Here's the difference between Explara and Peatix - Meaningful work on great causes, creating great content, and building communities to bring people together is justified by only and only one thing, improved ROI! Explara helps you do just that with the power of unified mechanisms. Organize + Visualize EVERYTHING going on before, during and after your events!

Do they help you leverage the power of audience-driven communities along with robust event management?

Explara's platform is strategically designed to help various event, conference, tradeshows, exhibitions, groups/ associations organizers around the world not only robust event planning & management, increase communication & event participation but also nurture & grow long term memberships.

Membership Management

Multiple Groups/ Communities

Event Management & Registration for group(s)

Payment collection

Discussion Forum

Email and Collaboration

Social Savvy

Widgets and Affiliates

Reports & Analytics

Custom Branded Group Mobile App

1-1 Group Chat

Pre-Event Solution

Online ticketing & registration

Email Campaign

Paper and abstract management

Event merchandise

Travel and accommodation booking

Event-Day Solution

Event Mobile App Builder

Entry Check-in Mobile/Web App

Point-Of-Sale Mobile/Web App

Badge Design & Printing

Post-Event Solution

Attendees to Groups & Membership

Surveys & Feedback

Marketing Tools

Invoicing & Book-keeping

Email Support

Do they let you engage & re-engage your audience with the power of combined tools?

Explara's solutions not only help you reach out to your previous attendees but also helps you re-engage them in your new events & conferences. Data management is just one part of the whole platform, making the best use of it is re-engaging your audience

See for yourself! Explara is 100% free to get started.