How Auto-debit works with Stripe on Explara system?

Auto-Debit with Stripe:- In case of Subscription or auto-debit for members which is facilitated by Stripe payment gateway; once the auto-debit is enabled on the dashboard for  your account, any transaction that is done by the Member is now recorded by Stripe on Stripe dashboard. What it means, the Credit card details of the member is stored on the Stripe dashboard with the cost of the transaction. After a year generally or depending upon the Membership frequency set by the Admin, the card will be debited next time for the same $ value.

It is always advisable to disable the send renewal email if  the auto-debit is enabled. Otherwise, the renewal mail if goes to the members, it always carries the renewal payment link and if by mistake, the member makes the payment, doesn't matter, his card will be charged anyways by Stripe on the  actual renewal date that was set when he/she did the last transaction.