Why do i see the Subscription popup when I click manage button for any of the event or Group in my account?

Explara solutions are packaged under Starter and Premium plans. Starter and Premium packages are different in terms of feature and functions. See the difference between Starter Package and Premium Package here <https://www.explara.com/pricing>.

If you decide to switch from Starter to Premium, you are supposed to enter your card details as you will be charged minimum US $49 per month. However, from the date you signed up with Explara.com, you have 5 days to explore the Starter  or Premium and you can switch between each of these plans. At the end of the 5th day, if you had chosen Premium, dashboard access will be restricted unless you enter your card details.

This is the reason, you see the subscription panel which essentially asks for your card details so that you are billed monthly.