Sign up and verification process

Explara’s sign up process is easy, it takes a few minutes and limited information to get you started. When you click try for free /sign up buttons on our website links, you need to provide your name, your email id, your phone number and set up your own password. 

Explara website is SSL secured, hence all data is encrypted. Once you submit your above-mentioned details, you will be asked to verify your mobile number, email id and select your options such as do you host paid events, free events or you are an attendee.

Select your choices as per your need. Once you input details and click proceed, you will be landing at Explara Home.

Why do we ask the mobile number?

We want to reach our customers in case of emergency and when there are issues with their event. Having a mobile number helps us to ensure the customer is reachable. We want to keep our platform safe and secure for all.

I host paid and free events both, how can I select both?

If you select paid events, you can always host free events too. We ask this question to gather your preferred currency so we can set up your account to be ready to handle your payment processing. You can always skip this during the setup and update this in your account profile & settings later..

I am here to host a group and membership management.

You can use Explara for group and membership management. During Sign up, you can select ‘Membership Cloud’ which offers group and membership management software. In case you have already signed up to a different cloud such as  Event Cloud, you can ask us to change it to Membership Cloud.

In case you are in “All-in-One Cloud” during 14 days free trial, you can upgrade to Membership Cloud.

I had an old account on Explara, which subscription should I choose?

Once you login to your account on Explara, you can see your current subscription model. You can choose any of our cloud solutions as per your need. You can talk to support team on chat with us for knowing more about these new solutions.