What is the Payment Tab under Member profile?

Anything related to payment of a member is managed from this tab. There are various call to actions under this tab such as Manage Payment mode, Credit Notes, Renew Payment Link, Edit receipt, Print receipt.

  1. Manage Payment Mode:- The payment mode of a member can be managed from here. This is applicable in case there are various offline payment options presented to the Member. At any point in time, if there is any discrepancy in offline payment mode that has been added for the Member, the same can be updated here. Many other offline payment mode option has been provided for the admin so that appropriate payment mode is selected while confirming the member.
  2. Credit Note:- This is a new feature being introduced to manage the credit. For ex. If a member while making the payment, gives extra amount to the Admin by mistake then this can be added as a Credit note against the member. So next time when the member pays even online, the system will charge him net off Credit note value. Interestingly, this feature can also be used in a particular scenario whereby rather than creating a discount code for an existing member who intends to renew, you as anAdmin can add that much value of credit note and ask the Member in question to renew.He/she will pay the amount which is net off credit note. For Eg. If you add a Credit note of $20 for a member whose Email id is members@mail.com and Membership plan fee is$100. If the member renews this time, he/she will pay $(100-20) = $80.
  3. Renew Payment Link:- Get the renewal payment link for a particular member from here and share the same via mail or any other communication channel you find suitable. The member would click the link and make the payment.
  4. Edit Receipt:- Against the payment received from a member, Receipt is being generated. The Receipt can be edited and also can be printed or can be shared with the member is needed.
  5. Print Receipt:- At any point in time, the Receipt of a particular payment received from a Member can be generated , printed or can be shared in form of PDF.