How can I create a new template?

A new template can be created that can be used whenever you are ready to send an email campaign. Follow these steps to create a new template from scratch : 

Login > Marketing Tools > Overview > Campaigns > Template List > Create Template    

  1. Provide the Template Name and click on "Create". If you want, you can also choose one of the sample templates provided as base and then edit it.
  2. Now you are in the email builder. In the left panel, click on "Structure". Choose the structure and drag in the design area. You can keep on adding multiple structure blocks.
  3. Once the structure is set, in the left panel, choose a Component to fill the structure. You can drag components in the blocks where you wish to place them and then add the content.
  4. Apply any custom settings and click on "Save".                                         

You can edit the templates anytime later on as well.