Manage your Explara account

Manage your Explara account for all solutions.

When you login to Explara, you will land on the Home page. Using the profile navigation link on the top right corner of the page, you will able to access all admin account settings.

Change Password

You can change your password anytime by accessing your “profile & settings”  option. When you ask for change password, Explara will ask for your current (old) password and your new password. If your input of password matches with your current password that is saved in the database, Explara will allow you to change your password to a new password. 

If your input of current (old) password encryption doesn’t match with your password that is saved in the database, Explara will not allow changing the password. 

In such cases where you have forgotten your password, you can log out and follow the ‘Forgot password’ to reset a new password.

Update Profile Info

You can update your profile info with all relevant details. These details are shown in various sections of the event website, group website, and workflows when user wants to contact you via the contact form, queries, social media or follow your initiatives on social media. We don’t share any of your details with any user directly, they can only contact you via our contact forms.

How do I switch to a different network?

If you are part of more than one group via our Group & Membership management solution, Explara calls this as the network. In such cases, you can switch network by clicking the arrow before the logo. When you are in a network, your permission to use all Explara features might be restricted as per group owner preferences.