Can I create subscription plans that vary based on Pricing?

Yes, the Metered Price plan is best suited for this king of recurring billing. 

Metered Price Plan: This plan is most suitable for those kinds of products or services where the price of the service usage is calculated at the end of the consumption period and its billing frequency. For Example - You want to charge your customer for consumed in the month calculated at the end of that month. Under this plan, your consumers subscribe to the product or service by simply subscribing to the plan and authorizing you to charge your customers at the end of the consumption period.

Step 1: Fill the Plan name, select the currency.

Step 2: Set the Billing interval depending upon the frequency at which you want to charge your customers.

Step 3: Provide a short description of the plan and submit it.

Your Metered Price plan is created. 

If you want to add images, videos, you can do that on the Details & Setting page. You can also add Meta Tags and Meta descriptions etc. to augment your page SEO & ranking.

From Subscription Link & Widget, you can get the link to be shared with your customers, or you can take the widget code to be embedded in your website.