Event Management in 2018 Tips, Tricks, and Trends

Look out for 3T’s that could change your way of organizing an event.

Social media and email communication as well as apps for membership management, contact management, budgeting, ticketing, networking and security, are fast becoming the tools of the modern event planner. Even as artificial intelligence eases communication, cyber security could offer protection of intellectual property from cyber theft. Facial recognition is not only speeding up ticketing lines, but also increasing security and enabling more accuracy in data gathering. While Wi-Fi zones have become commonplace, the future may see more events incorporating Wi-Fi- free zones to encourage attendees to network and reflect upon their learning values.

Download Event Management in 2018 Tips, Tricks, and Trends

What will I take away from this eBook?

  1. Charming your audience using Augmented and Virtual Reality
  2. Incorporate as much of the local culture into your event
  3. Appealing crowd and catering to individual needs
  4. Higher security
  5. Customizing apps for your events

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