Setup & Manage Organization

Basic Info

You can update your organization subdomain if you want to show all your events, groups and Explara products in your own subdomain. For example, {YourDomain} is one such example, with this all events will have {YourDomain}{event_name} and all other products will be labelled with your subdomain.

You can upload your organization logo, favicon to match your branding. Note: If you are looking for a fully white-label solution, this is covered in Customize “Explara as White Label” section.

Update your organization time zone, this will set up all timings of your event and process as per your timezone.

You can connect your Social Media accounts with your Explara account. This will allow people to view your Twitter or Facebook posts by clicking on the particular icon on the Event Page.

Organization Details

To represent your organization details in the various email, event, group, membership communication, you can update your company details and tax details.


Explara allows you to bring 1 more co-admin to have admin-level permissions. This helps you to distribute your admin-level roles. Note: When a co-admin is added to your account, whenever co-admin publishes an event or create the group, all those are considered to be owned by your organization. If the co-admin has a separate account on Explara, he/she can switch to a different network to publish in that network.

When you add a person as co-admin, Explara will send an email asking for confirmation. Unless the person confirms, Explara will not add the person as co-admin.

You can delete a co-admin by clicking on the "Trash" icon.

Collaborate with your Team Setup

Bring your dozens of team members to manage various roles to manage your event, group membership and all other solutions in Explara.

This will help you to not share your email id and password with your team members, as each of the team members will have own account to login to Explara under your account to access features permitted by you!

You can give access to your colleagues for all the Events and Groups in the account from this section. Click on "Add" and provide the name and email id for the person to save.

Once saved, you can then control the level of access to Events and Groups. You can also click on the Trash icon to Delete access.

Note - If you do not wish to give access to ALL events or groups in the account, then you can also give access to Event or Group level.

Once you set up your team at the organization level, you can pick and choose to add selectively in various events, and also to manage Explara software solutions.

Payment & Bank

Explara offers inbuilt payment gateway for local currencies and also global payment gateways such as Paypal and Stripe. 

You can select your country and Explara will show payment options. For example, when you select USA /Singapore as your country and currency like USD/SGD, you get options to link your business Paypal or Stripe account to process payment (from ticket sales /membership registration) directly to your account. 

For Paypal, you need to input your Paypal email id. You can click the ‘Link’ button to input your Paypal id. Once this is set, you start getting event registration/membership registration payment from Explara directly to your Paypal account. 

For Stripe, you need to input your Publishable key and Secret key. You will get this information from your Stripe account dashboard.

You can click the ‘Link’ button to input your Stripe integration details. Once this is set, you start getting event registration/membership registration payment from Explara directly to your Stripe account vis-a-vis bank account. 

When you select India as your country and INR as your currency, Explara has built-in payment processing available for you. You need to provide your bank account to which we will release your money. For your event registration/membership registration payment, your money will come to Explara bank account and we will process this to your bank account. If your account is already verified (or KYC done), we process money to your bank account in every T+3 working days.

Which are various payment types Explara supports?

You can use Explara to process credit card, debit card, bank check, Internet banking/ online banking, and demand draft.

Can you integrate my payment gateway?

Yes, you can bring your own payment gateway (BYOPG) to integrate with Explara. We offer this only for our enterprise customers. Contact us to know more about it and whether you fall in the Enterprise customer segment.

I am hosting free events only, do I need to set up payment & bank?

You don’t need to provide payment & bank information for free events.

Email Gateway

Explara offers to integrate your own email gateway! You can integrate AWS SES account to send all emails from Explara using your own email id. This will allow reducing your cost significantly as AWS SES cost is $10 for 100,000 emails. Plus, your audience (attendees /members/ users) will be at ease with your own email signature, this will increase email opening rate too.

To set up your own email gateway, click ‘Link’ to input Sender Name, Sender Email id, Access Key id, Secret Access Key, and select AWS SES region to link your SES account with Explara. All these details you will get from your AWS SES account

How do I pay to use email gateway from AWS SES?

You will be opening an account with Amazon and pay them directly. Explara only uses your SES account to send email, you will have to keep SES account email sending quota and also good reputation by sending the opt-in email.

Activity Log

Explara maintains account level log to help you track your own usage. Also, when your co-admin and team uses Explara along with you, this activity log helps to collaborate and ensure what features, settings and access they have.

Explara Payout & Earnings

How do I get my earnings from event registration /membership registration?

For our customer who uses Paypal /Stripe /their own payment gateway, your event registration /membership registration proceed is directly sent to your Paypal /Stripe /payment gateway account. 

When you use Explara’s inbuilt payment gateway for INR payment processing, we do payout to your bank account based on our KYC (know your customer) process. If you are an approved customer, we release payment to your bank account in T+3 working days.